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Hi Joe,

> all of the ones on TV are picked for their looks and not brains!

They would also be picked for their speaking ability, vocal tonal
qualities, lack of accents for a regionally neutral, and therefore
nationally accepted manner of speaking, though some of these
features they might also have trained for. I really don't think you
would find any national news anchor to be anything less than of
significantly above average intelligence.

But in this digital mixing age, the reporter may never have been
looking at what the viewers were being presented. They may have
been looking at a tele-prompter, or some other special in-house
signal specifically for their use to help do their portion.

The mistake probably should have been caught first by whoever
prepared the background material, then by those that prepared
that into the display overlay, then by those who were doing the
mixing, and then by someone else who actually might monitor
the final output results.

Did anyone, other than myself, see that?

Best Regards

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> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> I remember in the days after the space shuttle accident, I saw
> >> on CNN, that they were displaying how many times faster than
> >> the speed of light that the space shuttle was going. Yes, they
> >> actually said speed of light. And I was surprised at how long
> >> they let it run like that before it was removed, hours at least.
> >>
> >> Just shows you can't believe everything you read, see on TV, etc.
> >>
> >> I was also surprised I never heard anyone else mentioning it.
> >
> >Unfortunately, you see increasing numbers of errors/misstatements
> >like that these days. Proofreading is becoming a lost art.
> It also goes to show what total idiots the news spokesmen are. They
> miss even the most blatant errors. As far as I'm concerned if they can
> make such monumental mistakes and not realize it then I don't believe a
> word that they say. There are still some good REPORTERS out there that
> auctual research and report on news events and know what they're talking
> about but most or all of the ones on TV are picked for their looks and
> not brains!
> Joe
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