Hewlett Packard "68040 Demo Board"?

From: jim <jwstephens_at_cox.net>
Date: Fri Feb 21 11:51:00 2003

target board for ICE. Older 68k ICE would have either raised the chip thru
a target adapter, or if the chip has exposed pins (like DIP or SOJ) then
there would have been a clip on adapter.

So all you needed to do to play with your ICE system was to clip onto
a powered up target processor, configure memory inside your ICE unit,
download a program, and have fun

We sell ICE where I work (Arium) and we have a target board for ARM9
and ARM7 that we sell for developers, this is just a simpler version
of that.

Intel didn't need this with I2ICE they could just terminate the ice probe
and run virtual 8086 or 80286 or whatever with simulated memory
and rom, but needed ballanced signals at the probe if it was not "in circuit"

They used a special bondout chip for this.

BTW my use of ICE is "In Circuit Emulator"


Joe wrote:

> Anybody know what this is for? It's about 4 x 6" and has a 3 pin power

> connector, a 2 pin connector for a reset signal and ONE 7 segment display.

> There is no other connectors or I/O. It has the part number 64783-66502

> on it but I can't find anything from HP with a 65783 model number.
> Joe
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