TRS80 Model 1 Level II

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 13:59:02 2003

> > L1 machines give a 32*16 mode display of colons if there's no RAM (or if
> > the RAM DIP shunt is pulled). I don't know if L2 machines do the same.
> With Z3 pulled I got _at_9 again (after double checking the ROMs were in
> place!). I pulled Z71 as well and got _at_S. Remember, styrofoam eats MOS

What does it do if you pull Z71 with Z3 still in place?

> devices like candy :o) (from the RAM testing section of the tech ref)

:-). There's also a warning about using sticky tape to hold RAMs in sets
of 8 IIRC. That Technical Manual is wonderful...

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