New kid on the list with Mark-8, digital group & more.

From: Stuart Johnson <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 17:02:39 2003

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Subject: New kid on the list with Mark-8, digital group & more.

> Hi Everyone,
> I've been lurking around the list and on the archives now since around
> 1997. But since this is my first post, I figure I still qualify as NEW!
> Mark 8 Minicomputer - fully restored and pretty.
> Multiple computers from The Digital Group, Z80, 6800 - I can just
> about draw the schematics for these from memory, and I could build one
> in the dark.
> Kim-1 - Serves as my wall clock.
> Home built S-100 machine - Never turned it on, don't know anything
> about it.
> PDP-11/?? - Seems to work(?) in storage, don't know much about.
> Vintage (1977ish) homebuilt Apple-1 - I built this from plans by Woz,
> just to say I did it, then promptly stole most of the chips for other
> projects.
> ADM-3A -With lowercase option
> ASR-33 - Restored, works great.
> ASR-32 -Terrible shape, paid too much for it, no regrets!
> To see pics of some of these, take a look at my web site:
> Bryan

Hi Bryan,

Welcome to the list. I'm fairly new here, myself and I lurked a while before

You have some very nice equipment. I am particularly fond of The Digital
Group machines. I had a friend years ago that built one with dual
Phi-Deck's, the TVC (TV readout & cassette), and the Z80 CPU. It was VERY
NICE, ahead of its time. Expensive, too!

The Kim-1 is another favorite of mine. I had one back when they were new and
mounted it in an aluminum chassis with breadboard sockets on the top. I
wire-wrapped an expansion board, adding another 1K of RAM, and extended the
cabling for the cassette I/F to micro jacks on the side of the chassis.
Then, with it all fixed up, I sold it. I've been kicking myself regularly
since. I have a VIM and a SYM-1, but am still looking for a "reasonably
priced" Kim-1.

I tried to access your web site and couldn't get to it. ??? I'll try again

Stuart Johnson
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