DEC VT 320 with Terminal Disease - help?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 17:32:00 2003

> Will check the flyback xformer, and rip it off the board (OK, I'll desolder
> it...) if it looks guilty. Probably will take the HOT, if I can identify it
> unambiguously, as well. Then it's back to the parts-shopping game. Sigh.

The HOT is the power transistor next to the flyback. IIRC it's in a TO220

> >> If that's the fault, are the scorch marks under the blue resistors normally
> >> there, or unrelated?
> Still curious about this. The scorch marks make me nervous - can or should
> I try to heat-sink at least the resistor with the bad scorches around it?

There resistors probably run hot naturally. THey will scorch the PCB a
bit, but that's not a fault. Don't worry about it.

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