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From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 22:44:01 2003

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Al Hartman wrote:

> What's great about people like you Sellam, is that every time you think
> something like this, you get to have egg on your face when it turns out
> wonderful.

What's great about you, Al, is that you provide proof that Neanerthal man
still walks among us.

> I am not someone who loves war. But, I am someone who believes in
> backing up rules, laws, and civilization with penalties when the rules
> are broken or in the case of Hussein, not only broken but flouted.

You're right! The next target should be The White House. Down with
tyrannical rulers, proliferators of weapons of mass destruction, and

> It will be over fairly quickly once it starts, and as before (in 1981)
> it will be a rout.

I think in 1981 the CIA was supplying Osama Bin Laden with training and

> But, this time we will take Hussein out of power and set the people in
> Iraq free. Iran is probably next on the President's list, and then North
> Korea. Unless Kim Jong Il pushes to be the next in line and won't wait
> his turn.

Yes, those evil Iranians. We still need to get back at them for ousting
the puppet leader we installed there. Nevermind that almost every Iranian
you talk to loves the West, dresses in Western style, speaks nearly fluent
English, and would really like to get rid of their religious leadership
(but they certainly do NOT want the US to do it).

> It's so wasteful for people like Hussein, Il and the leadership in Iran
> to do the kind of things that cause this, rather than dedicating
> themselves to providing the best possible lives and economy for their
> people.

Yeah, it's too bad. Oh by the way, I saw a guy living under a freeway
off-ramp the other day. It's a good thing our own government looks after
our best interest rather than investing our tax revenue into military
weaponry and programs to further enrich a small group of elites.

> Since we still have people here in the U.S. who think ideaology is more
> important than doing the right thing, I'm not surprised there are
> similar people elsewhere...

Al, this is senseless. You keep throwing this lame shit out at me and
it's just so obvious that to make a point of it is meaningless. I could
sit here forever ridiculing you but I now realize the folly of it. You're
an idiot and are incapable of debating beyond the 3rd grade level. Sorry
to be blunt but it's arguably a fact.

> I hope the human race outgrows that someday...

I hope the human race is rid of the genes that produced you and your ilk
someday (I know, fat chance).

> Hopefully getting egg on your face a few more times will make you tired
> of being wrong...

Yes, I'm tired of being wrong. You win, Al! Everything I have ever
spoken in my entire existence has been a fraud, and you've exposed me. I
shall slink away in shame, never to be heard from again.

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