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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 23:38:00 2003

 Sounds familiar. Another Axis like the one headed by
Hitler only this time we're on the wrong side. The 3rd
Reich also wanted to save us from ourselves.

 And you like your brainwashers, put a hypocritical spin
on this thrust for world power by saying you're against war
from one side of your mouth, while lining up a hit list of
future victims of imperial might. Whose rules, whose laws,
what sort of civilization. I too hope the human race will
outgrow this kind of stupidity some day.

 People like you are not worth bothering with. Go kick
your dog.


On 21 Feb 2003, , Al Hartman wrote:

> > No, I'm one of "those people" who sees no logic
> > whatsoever in going to war with Iraq. I don't want
> > to say that those in favor are stupid, but those in
> > favor are dumb.
> What's great about people like you Sellam, is that
> every time you think something like this, you get to
> have egg on your face when it turns out wonderful.
> I remember all the doom and gloom and naysayers, and
> the predictions of thousands of bodybags for the
> Afghanistan War on Terrorism a year and half ago.
> People thought that those in favor of that were dumb
> too...
> I am not someone who loves war. But, I am someone who
> believes in backing up rules, laws, and civilization
> with penalties when the rules are broken or in the
> case of Hussein, not only broken but flouted.
> It will be over fairly quickly once it starts, and as
> before (in 1981) it will be a rout.
> But, this time we will take Hussein out of power and
> set the people in Iraq free. Iran is probably next on
> the President's list, and then North Korea. Unless Kim
> Jong Il pushes to be the next in line and won't wait
> his turn.
> It's so wasteful for people like Hussein, Il and the
> leadership in Iran to do the kind of things that cause
> this, rather than dedicating themselves to providing
> the best possible lives and economy for their people.
> Since we still have people here in the U.S. who think
> ideaology is more important than doing the right
> thing, I'm not surprised there are similar people
> elsewhere...
> I hope the human race outgrows that someday...
> It's ok for you to think people in favor of taking
> Hussein out are stupid.... It only means you don't
> have a clue what it's all about...
> Hopefully getting egg on your face a few more times
> will make you tired of being wrong...
> Al

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