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From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Fri Feb 21 23:55:00 2003

  List FYI: correspond w/George directly concerning this wonderful haul
of TTY gear...

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Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 21:40:20 -0800
From: George B. Hutchison <w7ksj_at_attbi.com>
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Subject: [GreenKeys] Teletype Machine Availability

GreenKeyers - - -

This evening I received a telephone call from a gentleman advising me of
the availability of the following teletype equipment. It is free for the

It is located in the Seattle area.

He does not want the people at "The Source" to be rattled by a bunch of
telephone calls, so please e-mail me should you have an interest.

The list includes:

1 Ea Model 37 KSR
8 Ea Model 28 KSR
1 Ea Model 35 ASR
5 Ea Model 35 KSR
6 Ea Model 14 TD
1 Ea Model 14 RO Reperf
7 Ea Model 15 KSR
1 Ea Model 15 Perforator-Transmitter (Model 19 KBD)
1 Ea Model 43 RO
1 Ea Model 43 KSR
Fair quantity multi-copy paper.

The equipment must be removed fairly soon, as the space it is in has been
designated by the building owner for another purpose. If it is not wanted
by anyone, to the landfill it goes. I have no room for it.


George, W7KSJ

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