"Real Computers" (was Re: Trivia Question)

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Sat Feb 22 10:30:01 2003

Rumor has it that Philip Pemberton may have mentioned these words:
>Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> >> 1) Is it well-engineered from the ground up?
> >> PCs: no, a lot of the stuff in even the best PCs is of very poor
> > OK, I agree with this first point. All three of my examples of 'real
> > computers' were "well-engineered from the ground up".
>I agree with you here - my PCs all have crap cases. Even the top-end
>Coolermaster or whatever cases are still (allegedly) cheaply made. Even the
>ones that cost $150!

Let's look at 3 test-cases:
1) My dual Athlon 1600+ - Aluminium server case, 460W bulletproof PS,
built-in SCSI, LAN, yaddayadda... I'd call it a real computer, but most
here wouldn't.... My cost: $85 shipped sans PS. Light, not built like a
tank, but how many tanks have you seen, built out of aluminium? ;-P

2) My CoCo3 - Cheezy plastic case, miniscule PS, minimal expandability -
crap. ;-)

3) My wife's main machine: Compaq Prolaint 800 dual Pentium 2 350 server.
Case built like a tank (almost 2x heavier than my Dual Athlon) - won't even
boot if it can't find it's fans, IIRC a 700W PS, etc. Generally
bulletproof. -- it's well on it's way for being almost ontopic, methinks...
it's quite old already, for a PC...

> >> 2) Can it be expected to have a long operating life?

1) Yes. I built it; I can fix it.
2) Yes. I have one going on 17 years old. (Even tho it's crap!) I still
play Rogue on it -- I Love that game! (The PC version sucks.)
3) Not just yes, hell yes!

> >> 3) Is it documented?

1) Dunno, don't care. damn thing runs, don't it? Why do I need to solder
Athlons, anyway???
2) Not just no, hell no! The GIME chip is a mystery... and it's the chip
that makes everything tick.
3) Better than most PCs out there, and it's available free...

Out of those three machines, which is a "Real Computer?" In your opinion, 
prolly "None." That's fine -- it's your opinion. I can live with that. My 
opinion - All 3. All for different reasons why. And everyone here's going 
to have a different -- ragging on someone who uses a K6-2 (which I don't 
personally care for) because their definition of "Real Computer" is 
different... well...
... almost makes me wanna go back & read more "War for Oil" BS. Just as 
subjective, but at least mildly entertaining at times. :-/
That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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