DEC VT 320 with Terminal Disease - help?

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 16:22:00 2003 wrote:

>>After the flyback, I had problems with badly scratched picture tubes,
>>and dead tubes. I still don't know how they could scratch them up so
>Easy. Pinheads would put any CRTs face down on any dirty floor or
>pavement and grind it around. Just a slight move same thing. Even
>two CRTs facing each other and touching while jousling either one
>have same effect.

Some of them were scratched about halfway through the glass,
in a single long streak. If it was always one customer doing it, I
could assume a royal idiot, but these came from multiple businesses.
I don't know how they gouged it so deeply, without breaking
the tube entirely. They just wanted them replaced because the
scratch made it hard to read in that area. It's not something I'd
like to have sitting a few feet from by face anyway.
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