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Date: Sat Feb 22 18:13:00 2003

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Mail List wrote:

> Hello Sridhar,
> > We shouldn't have tried to prevent it because it's none of our business.
> > I think Cuba is worse off with Castro, but it just simply isn't our place
> > to change that. That is for the people of Cuba to do.
> We were genuinely worried about Castro's wanting to have nukes only
> 90 miles offshore of the US mainland. Right or wrong, it was a real danger
> we wanted not to have happen.

But of course now we know that Castro did not want nukes in Cuba. If I am
remembering the story correctly, he didn't even know the Soviets were
bringing them in until they were on the island.

But of course that's neither here nor there.

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