large disk platters?

From: Dave Brown <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 18:39:00 2003

I scrapped an old key-to-tape system some years ago-lots of useful stuff.
Magnificent takeup/rewind motors on the tape decks (old Cypher units) -still
have a few spare- they'll run on anything from about 4 volts DC up to the
rated 36. But I digress--

 Star of the show was the hard disk buffer- an old General Instruments
unit-had a 14 inch platter about a quarter inch thick coated with some
nickel-cobalt alloy- and it spun at 3600 rpm driven by an induction motor
powered by the normal AC mains. Sounded like a jet engine when running up..
Total storage of just over a megabyte IIRC. I still have the platter- makes
a damn fine gong!

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