Where has dbit gone?

From: Stuart Johnson <ssj152_at_charter.net>
Date: Sat Feb 22 21:28:00 2003

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From: "Jonathan Engdahl" <j.r.engdahl_at_adelphia.net>
To: <cctech_at_classiccmp.org>
Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2003 6:20 PM
Subject: Where has dbit gone?

> I can't reach www.dbit.com, home of the Ersatz-11 (E11) PDP-11 emulator by
> John Wilson. Has this gone away?
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> Jonathan Engdahl

Good question - I noticed that it didn't respond a week or so ago, but
thought it was something wrong here as I've had that problem before with
sites and found that others could still access them.

I sent John Wilson an email asking about the site.

Stuart Johnson
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