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From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 22:00:00 2003

> From: Mike <>
> So then why not demand that all countires with
> weapons of mass destruction disarm?

Because none of those countries attacked three of it's
neighbors using them, were forcibly expelled from a
neigboring country and agreed to disarm as part of the
surrender agreement.

We have not picked Iraq out a hat to disarm them.

They asked to be disarmed when they used their weapons
against their neighbors AND their own people (Northern

> Why not start with those that have actually used
> them in the past.

Name some... And I mean a country that has used WoMD
in an offensive manner without provocation.

> And not applied randomly. There are many other UN
> sanctions that are being ignored or have been
> vetoed.

Not that are on the same level as the one Iraq is

> He claims to have done just that and the arms
> inspectors have not been able to find anything.
> If the US has been concealing the evidence of this
> then they are as guilty as he is.

Did you not listen to the same presentation of Hans
Blix that I did?

He stated that not only did they find things, they
found more things than Iraq reported. They found Iraq
had developed weapons with a greater range, and in
amounts in excess of the agreements.

What is stunning for any intelligent person, is that
he then followed that by saying he saw no problem with
Iraq and that they were following the agreement.

He basically said they WEREN'T in compliance, but that
is was not a problem for him.

> Because in most countries the police require proof
> before an arrest and then there is a trial before
> an execution. The police do not stop you on the
> street demand proof of your innocence claim you are
> lying and shoot you.

There was such a thing, vis-a-vis Iraq. It was called
the Invasion of Kuwait and the bombing of Israel with
Scud missiles...

What is happening now is of a piece with that. When we
booted them out of Kuwait, they agreed to disarm as
part of the surrender. They have not been keeping
their word.

They are in breach of their obligations, AND have been
continuing to develop illegal weapons.

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