one last riposte

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 01:42:01 2003

 One last riposte for these supposed "patriots".
 FEMA was brought in by the Reagan-Bush administrations and
now Junior has extended the rights to suspend the rights
enshrined in the US constitution by the founding fathers who
could never have imagined the rapacity of the present bandits.
Check out

or if you want a real example of the big sell even extended to your
 But of course there is no brainwashing going on in the US of
The New World Order.

 Or if you are even capable of reading something other than
spin-doctored news-clips, read " The Praetorian Guard" by
John Stockwell, the highest-ranking CIA officer ever to quit the
agency and expose the truth of it's operations to Congressional
investigators, if the book hasn't been "disappeared" by the
State Department. You might even re-examine the positions of
the "discredited" former US Attorney-General Ramsey Clarke.

 Enough of this BS, I'd rather ignore the parroting rabble and go
back to figuring out the workings of "non-computer" micros and
even "non-computer" DEC micros. I shut ma mouth...

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