Misterious DEC-Module M7071

From: The Wanderer <quapla_at_xs4all.nl>
Date: Sun Feb 23 09:14:00 2003


I believe it is part of a 2 card stack. There should be another card which is
connected to this one using a flatcable connecting the two together.


Frank Arnold wrote:
> Hi,
> I got a strange board in recentley. Made by DEC, Quad-heigh, Dual-width, only
> one double sided 2x18 pin edge-connector that is snmaller as usual, aperantley
> carrying only power-supply connections. Has some 80 SSI/MSI TTL-chips, one prom
> 19-10818-02, and 10pcs 93l422 256kx4 ram's. Chips have 1979 date codes.
> The strange thing about this board is, that there is hardley any external
> connections, there is 1 (one) split-lug terminal, and one 16 pole IC-socket, as
> normalley used for automated testing signal connection.
> On the solderside there is the wording: "Waveform Generator" and 5012514F-P1
> Who knows what this board is, and what it does? In what equipment was it used?
> How and for what purpose are the 10 Mbit of RAM filled with what kind of data?
> Fieldguide says:
> M7071 U Video Display Sys: image memory, RAMs & buffer logic.
> I don't understand this, because ther is no unibus-connection on this module at
> all. Is it a part of something bigger?
> Thanks,
> Frank

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