Help with parts neede (Sun4 memory and 360k floppy drives)

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 10:47:00 2003

Just tossing a line in the water....

Some of the ram on my Stingray VME ram card in my Sparcstation 4/330
died in my recent move. Not sure how that happens, but it did.

If anyone has between four and sixteen each of 4mbyte 30 pin x 80ns or
faster simms, I'd appreciate having them. I have only four good simms
left for this card. At least I'm pretty sure these four are good....
I'm not sure, but I think even 100ns rams will work. I have 15 each Sun
branded and working 1mbytex100nsx30 pin simms to trade to someone with
an even older machine in need of ram.

I broke out my extensive Atari 8-bit equipment the other day in order to
help me test a ram updgrade I'm doing as a favor for a member of
Comp.sys.atari.8bit. In so doing I noted I'd lost every last one of my
1/2 height, 40 track, double-sided, industry-standard floppy mechs. If
anyone out there has a box laying around with at least one but I can use
as many as four of these mechs, let me know.

I'm really broke these days. I will of course pay shipping, but if you
wish the sell the parts, please be kind in your pricing. Maybe we can
work a trade.


Email: (Technoid dot 30below dot com)
Received on Sun Feb 23 2003 - 10:47:00 GMT

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