Preserving exposed platters from corrosion and fingerprints

From: David Vohs <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 12:04:00 2003

Ever try *guilding* them? :P

On Sun, 23 Feb 2003 12:01:26 -0500, "Jeffrey S. Worley"
<> said:
> About ten years ago, my brother (also a tech) and I would take our
> Saturdays to shoot the hell out of the dead hard drives we'd collected
> during the week. I've written about this before. A bullet to a dead
> Seagate is really poetic justice...
> At any rate, Mike decided suddenly to make money on these dead drives
> instead of shooting them. Not nearly as much fun though...
> He would drive out the spindle, secure the platters, and insert a clock
> mech where the spindle used to be. The outer disk platter made the
> clock's 'face'. The look very cool. He called his 'hard time'. I told
> him he ought to sell them by the megabyte...
> The platters are very sensitive to fingerprints and other environmental
> contact. What is a good, quick, and cheap way to treat the platters
> before completing the clock that will seal and protect the platters
> without yellowing or cracking?
> Regards,
> jeff
  David Vohs
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