Replying to Lawrence.

From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 13:15:26 2003

> I will say this about you Al, you do consistently
> trumpet the bullies logic and the administrations
> spin without embarassment. You would have fit in
> very comfortably with the US supporters of Nazi
> Germany. Thankfully your type is still a minority
> at this time in the US.
> Lawrence

I'm sorry but none of the above is true.

Unlike the Clinton adminstration there is no spin

It's all the truth, and policy based on hundreds of
years of human history observed.

You should be ashamed of resorting to trick of
comparing me, Bush or ANYONE to Nazi Germany, or
Germans (I am also of German descent, and proud of
that. Though not proud of Germany in the beginning
years of the 20th Century). It's just low.

Luckly, I don't take it personally because it's on the
same level (and as funny to me) as "Yo Momma!"

And I'm NOT in the minority. Given the approval rating
for the war, AND the President I'm in the majority.

Though Liberals would like Conservatives to think they
are kooks and marginalized in the population.

The truth is, that we're not.

Thanks anyway.

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