Collectors List

From: Brian Mahoney <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 14:06:00 2003

Several years ago I set up a list of collectors on the TC3 site, which some
of you may remember. Subsequent to that site being shut down by its host, I
moved the list to my personal site at the following url:

The collector's list is reached from a link on the main page and resides at
this url :

The reason for this message is to request that anyone who is on this list,
contact me HERE :

to update their information. I have recently sent out an email to all person
on the list, but find that almost everyone has moved ... email address
anyway. If anyone reading this wishes to be put on the list, I would be glad
to add their name and information, just be sure to format it the same way it
is on the list.

(None of this benefits me in any way, if anyone is wondering. However, since
I receive email almost every day originating from my site, it is a constant
source of information and resources for me. When someone has a computer for
sale or donation, they frequently email me and I refer them back to the site
to see if there is a collector near them. Most, of course, are from the
states and many, many of the requests are for good homes for donated

PLEASE don't contact me through the list, use
only. I will repost this a couple more times, unless someone really finds it
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