Epson HX-20 Question

From: Chris Saunders <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 00:03:01 2003

Hi Tony,

Saw your posts on the net regarding HX-20's. I was wondering if you would
be able to give me a couple pointers. I picked a hx-20 up a few years ago,
and am now getting a chance to play with it. I have downloaded and read the
3 PDF's on Epson's site. I have not been able to find a copy of the BASIC

I have a ROM installed in the _bottom_ of the unit. Not in the expansion
slot, which is filled with the Cassette Unit.

Should the ROM be autodetected, or does it have to be loaded?

If loaded, how to I load it?

I have not been able to get things working experimenting with LOAD "PAC0"
and "LOAD PAC1".

When I first powered the HX-20 up years ago, it had a 3rd option, but then
I initialized it and of course, it is now gone.

Thanks in advance.

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