QBUS SCSI card...

From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Mon Feb 24 00:19:01 2003

> Gene Buckle wrote:
> > Why is it that the UC08 SCSI controller on ePay right now is going for a
> > buy-it of$799? Are QBUS SCSI controllers THAT rare? I was going to try
> > to find one for my MicroVAX II, but not for that kind of dosh....
> I've seen those too. I think the seller is a little over confident. A
> UC07 went for $250 just a few days ago. Qbus SCSI cards seem to top out
> at about $300 to $350 from what I've seen.
Holy cow. Never mind then. :) I'll save my money for a new radio after
my upgrade to General. :)

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