Transitional Technology Qbus SCSI controller

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Date: Mon Feb 24 01:00:00 2003


I just received this inquiry from a "personal use" user about a card
that I am not familiar with. If any of you want to help him out, his
address is included.

Wasn't someone asking about a differential scsi controller lately?
If he'd have better use for a single-ended, and someone else needed
a differential, perhaps you'd have a trade.

Best Regards

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Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 00:57:47 EST
Subject: QTD-1 qbus diff scsi board - you folks know anything about???

Since you folks deal in legacy qbus things, I was wondering
if you might know anything about a Transitional Technology,
Inc., model QTD-1 differential mscp/tmscp scsi controller?

I have one that a friend sent me, to use in an MVII machine,
but I can't seem to find out any information anywhere about
the board. It is dated 1989, but must have been made by
one of the lesser qbus card manufacturers.

If you know anything about this particular board, I would be
most interested in finding out the particulars, so I can get
this thing running.


R.D. Keys
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