QBUS SCSI card...

From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Mon Feb 24 08:53:00 2003

> > That's just amazing. I never knew the demand for those things was that
> > high. I wish the guy that was doing the IDE controllers had entered
> > production. :)
> I think a lot of people, "personal users" too, are getting tired of struggling
> with RD-5x drive unreliability, and/or want the larger storage capacities
> they could obtain with SCSI

Well I've got a KDA-50 board set so I'm not _totally_ out in the cold, but
it sure would be nice to use a drive that a) wasn't 150lbs (RA81) and b)
wasn't 3 feet long (RA92). Neither of which fit in the BA123(? nice
roll-around chassis, card cage is on the right side) enclosures that my 2
MicroVAXen use.

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