Univac III on eBay

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Mon Feb 24 11:35:00 2003

>> Does anyone have any comments, especially WRT the
>> transportability of this machine?
> This one is definitely a museum piece.

Some random thoughts.

Someone closeby to the computer should get some good
detailed pictures together for others who are really interested.

I checked my files and here's some dates:
   Univac I: 1948, Univac II: actiovely sold in 1961.

Somebody should contact the History Center...
  "What the Museum does not look for in a donation...
     ...IBM PC. IBM PC Jr..., ..." (hilarious)
so I just did by email.

I'd be willing to chip in on shipping if the museum is interested.
It would take more than just my contributions to move it.

John A.
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