QBUS ESDI (was Re: QBUS SCSI card...)

From: Fred N. van Kempen <waltje_at_pdp11.nl>
Date: Mon Feb 24 13:49:01 2003

On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> Are end-user docs for these sorts of controllers available?
Yes, mostly.

> My primary OSes would be 2BSD, possibly RSX-11 or RSTS, and maybe
> even VMS (on an 11/750 or uVAX-II). In the case of 2BSD, I'd want
> a controller that responds to the xp driver, IIRC.
Most of these controllers emulate KDA50 (Qbus) or UDA50 (Unibus), so
are readily supported by most, if not all DEC(-related) OSes.

> Anyone out there have favorites?
I have Emulex and Dilog, and like them both a lot.

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