M9312 Bootstrap Questions

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Date: Mon Feb 24 17:24:00 2003

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From: Andreas Freiherr <Andreas.Freiherr_at_Vishay.com>
Subject: Re: M9312 Bootstrap Questions

>are you sure the 11/34 manual is talking about the M9312? - I seem to
>remember that my copy describes the M9301, of which, IIRC, there are
>-YA, -YB, and -YF versions.
>Since all M9301s are completely different from the M9312, it would be no
>surprise if you cannot match the switches between docs and hardware...
>Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
>> Ok, I got my PDP-11/34 mounted in its rack and have started to audit
>> jumpers, switches, etc. I am being cornfused by the M9312 bootstrap
>> terminator module.
>> First, I'm confused about what version of the module I have. My 11/34 user's
>> manual (EK-11034-UG-001 '77) talks about a -YA, -YB, and -YF version of the
>> board. My M9312 manual (EK-M9312-TM-003 '81) talks only in terms of
>> bootstrap ROM part numbers. The DIP switch references in the two documents
>> conflict, even differing on the switch settings necessary just to boot into
>> the console emulator.

thinking back some 18-20 years, you are right on this comment that the -YA -Yb
-YF variationd appley to the M9301 only, that module has no easy upgradable
proms, but standard multiboot configurations.

The keydifference is that M9312 stores one PDP11 instruction in 4 consecutive
nibbles of the prom, therefoere 1 Prom = 1 Bootdevice.

The 9301 has a conventional structure where the 4 proms are placed adjacent and
each prom provides 4 bits of the program. Therefore if you modify the 9301, all
4 proms must be changed at the same time. I had to do it once, adding a new
device to the boot routine, splitting it into the roms, burn those and get it
to work, and I remember it was a tedious job.

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