Identifying a Fujitsu chip - MB15140?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 17:35:27 2003

> Wow! You guys are good. Maybe you can help me. I need some Fujitsu chip
> information.
> I have a bunch of Fujitsu MB15140 CR-G with a date code of 8809 I would
> like to know what they are.

Found it.....

It's a 'TTL Bipolar 500-gate Master Slice LSI' gate array, set up as the
HDA sequencer for the 2351 Eagle drive. According to the manual for that
drive, this chip handles the sequnce control of the spidle motor and the
generation of machine status information.

I could type out the pinout, but it's not much use without the complete
drive schematics

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