Univac III on eBay

From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Feb 24 18:02:01 2003

> I'm seriously thinking about what I would need to rescue this beast. I
> probably have room for it in my garage (tight fit though), where it would
> sit for several years until I could afford my own place (which very well may
> be a warehouse with a bed in one corner :-) ). I see two problems with this
> monster:

I think this is larger than you think. I doubt it would fir into a single
or 1 1/2 car garage.

> Does anyone have any comments, especially WRT the transportability of this
> machine?

A few of us are card carrying Univac movers, and I can tell you that they
are not at all fun to move. Univac made things like IBM, but did not put
casters on anything. They also did not put handles, or nice places to
grip the cabinets. At bare minumum, you need a pallet jack to move one of

This is very interesting, but a real gamble. It is hard to see what is
there, and what is not.

I am disappointed that the seller wants a cashiers check within 3 days
of the end of the auction. This is pretty severe, and probably too much
of a strain on many bidders.

William Donzelli
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