IBM-PC Technical Reference Manuals (was: "Real Computers")

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 21:56:35 2003

> There was a technical reference manual for PC-DOS as well as the
> technical reference manual for the hardware... I got both of them when
> IBM was still selling the original PeeCees, but they were, for some
> odd reason, difficult to obtain even back then (e.g., various people
> at IBM denied that they existed... and if you really wanted to have

I had no problem buying them. IIRC, I got them from the same
place I got my PC: the IBM sales office a block away from where
the first Fry's would eventually open. We financed our PC with
IBM finance, and bought the absolute minimum hardware/software from
IBM, and then bought floppy drives and more memory from some guy
selling out of his living room in San Jose :)
Stan Sieler 
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