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Date: Mon Feb 24 22:25:01 2003

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> It's also interesting to hear that cows on the runway isn't only a New
> Zealand phenomenon...

We lost a Lear Jet here at the Warrenton, Oregon Airport when it hit a 1500
pound Roosevelt Elk halfway down the runway on an early morning takeoff last

Totally trashed the Lear Jet, the Elk was in 500 pieces but the pilot and
passengers were OK and able to get out of the plane before it totally burned.

We had a herd of about 50 Elk living on the airport flats. Now they have an
Elk proof fence that I swear will cause hard drives to fail when you drive
across the grat-t-t-t-ting to get to our local UPS drop off center.

The Lear Jet was over 10 years old so to get this on topic does anyone know
if the older Lear Jets used computers and what kind?

Astoria, OR
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