Fujitsu MB15140 chips for 2351 Eagle Availiable

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Date: Tue Feb 25 00:54:00 2003

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> 'TTL Bipolar 500-gate Master Slice LSI' gate array, set up as the
> HDA sequencer for the 2351 Eagle drive. According to the manual for that
> drive, this chip handles the sequnce control of the spidle motor and the
> generation of machine status information.

Thanks for the help Tony. These chips might have had some value when I got
them (early 1990s) but I bet they are scrap now. I wonder how many Eagles
2351 and Super Eagles 2361s that are left working.

If anyone is maintaining Fujitsu 2351 Eagles and needs some, please contact
me off list at I am intending to dispose of these soon.

Astoria, OR
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