"Real Computers" (was Re: Trivia Question)

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Tue Feb 25 01:18:00 2003

R. D. Davis wrote:
>> Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:
>> And most Linux users think Linux is better that Windoze - and with
>> good
> And most FreeBSD users know that FreeBSD is better than Linux. ;-)
No comment - I'll try FreeBSD when I've got a spare few hours to download
the ISO image. I've already got a machine that can run it - an ARM610 based
Acorn Risc PC - it's just a shame I don't have an Ethernet Podule for it.

>> reason. Is it any wonder most servers on the internet run the Apache
>> HTTP Server under Linux (or other UNIX derivatives)? Linux is
>> remarkably stable. Windows is the exact opposite.
> (Red Hat) Linux crashes more easily than FreeBSD... or at least it did
> a couple of years ago, but M$-Windoze is worse.
Slackware is quite stable, probably because Slackware have a "We're not
going to hack the Kernel, nor are we going to use any fancy packaging
systems or init scripts". I had plenty of trouble with Mandrake Linux - I
couldn't get Kylix running on it, it refused to detect my network card...
After an hour of tweaking /etc/rc.d/rc.modules under Slackware with VIM, I
had sound and networking running perfectly. I guess that's what I get for
buying a "cheap Taiwanese piece of crap" (my friend's words, not mine).

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