Care and Feeding of Trolls

From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 12:48:50 2003

To Marvin and Mail List...

You both make correct deductions...

I like this list, and have a lot more fun conversing
about Model I TRS-80's and Tandon Floppy Drives than
wasting time trying to answer drivel, point by point.

And I want to remain welcome on this interesting list.

So, the troll can say or do whatever he likes. Being a
troll, I can now ascribe any posts from under the
bridge to it's proper value.

There's been some news on the Amiga Emulation front.
It seems that on , Bernd Meyer
may relent on his decision never to release Umilator
(A 68k Amiga Emulator that runs on a Linux Kernal
using some technology Bernd created for UAE-JIT, and
some new stuff... Supposedly the fastest and most
compatible emulator ever written.).

He requires a certain number of people to commit to
buying it, as there will be some legal battles with
the people who claim to own Amithlon, which is a
similar project that Bernd wrote code for.

It seems that one person has decided he is the founder
and creator of the software (but only contributed some
minor code that by all reports is buggy and feature
incomplete), and the distributor also claims to own
the software as well.

So far, nobody has been able to substantiate either
paries claims, and Bernie will have to defend his
right to market a product that shares little common
code (some of the code is GPL, so Bernie is free and
clear to use it. And unlike the other parties, Bernie
has a legal licence from Amiga to include their IP in
his product.), doesn't use the same name, and has
significant rewritten code and new features.

But intimidation and threats by these parties have
kept Bernie from releasing it, as he doesn't have the
financial depth to defend a suit in Germany from
Australia. Nor, the desire to be put through all the
stress of a suit.

I guess, he's changed his mind about the stress. And
decided that if the project could generate enough
money, he'd defend his rights to market it on

So, if you want to see Bernie be rewarded for his
excellent work, and people who want to keep his
product from ever seeing the light of day get their
due for their selfishness, go take a look and register
in the poll for people willing to buy the product once

Supposedly it's done and can be released. Bernie is
just waiting for enough committed buyers so he can be
sure he won't lose his shirt with the court costs when
all the frivolous suits get filed.

I posted that not only would I buy it, I'd also
contribute to a legal defense fund.

Sorry for the long message, hope this of more interest
to the list than troll droppings..

Al Hartman
(Macintosh Emulation List Host)

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