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From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 10:13:00 2003

TeoZ Said:

" The Timex 2068 was released in 82 or 83 when the Vic20/c64 had proper

Define your terms. I remember the LICA (Long Island Computer
Association) meeting immediately following the release of the much
anticipated C= 64. There were several retailers in attendance, each of
whom had horror stories of empty boxes, boxes filled with incomplete or
inoperable machines and, my favorite story, a unit whose keyboard was
all "Q"s. It seems that Commodore had to rush to get their Christmas
orders filled and they ended up cutting a few corners.

I had a friend with a Vic-20 who had an uncanny ability to "launch"
keys. Several times when he'd be showing me stuff the key he'd press
would pop off the keyboard and be flung upward by the spring. . .

Submitted for your entertainment.

Erik S. Klein
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