Timex-Sinclair 1000, was Re: Check out this TI99/4 on eBay

From: Dan Veeneman <dan_at_ekoan.com>
Date: Wed Feb 26 10:18:00 2003

At 09:38 AM 2/26/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Try a Timex-Sinclair 1000. Membrane keyboard, I'd of been much happier
>with a chicklet keyboard. First computer I had any real time on.
>(Complete with 16K RAM expansion, and a cassette interface)

A while back I picked up two TS 1000's at an estate sale. Each came
with a printer (the TS 2040), a beefy external power supply and two 16K
RAM expansions (one TS, one by Memotech).

More to the point, each also came with an external Memotech keyboard.
The keyboard has 41 keys, each with at least three different functions,
and connects via ribbon cable to a "Memopak I/F" box labelled
"Keyboard Buffer", which in turn plugs into the computer's bus. I haven't
actually tried to use either of them, but they appear to be new in
the box so I expect they would work as well as they ever did.

I can provide photos if anyone is interested.

So, you could get a third-party full-travel keyboard for the TS-1000
(and similar, e.g. ZX81), which would make it much easier to use.


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