Cromemco 68k System 100 on eBay

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Date: Wed Feb 26 16:29:00 2003

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> I hadn't realized anyone had put a 68020 on the S-100 bus, or is that just
> a 680[01]0 in a PGA?

Yes, They made a 68020 and that system appears to be one. I had a similar
System One in a wood cabinet that came with the 68020 CPU, 2 2meg memory
cards and some custom video cards. It came with the docs. All S100.

I have since passed it on to another collector from the list. It is
interesting to note that the one I passed on and this one in the auction are
both located in Washington State. They must have had a good Cromemco dealer

They are not the same System Ones. Cabinets are different.
It is a nice system.

Astoria, OR

PS No connection with the seller...
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