Cost of shipping a container

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Date: Wed Feb 26 18:06:00 2003

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> I said it's US$3,000 for a 40 footer. It's actually US$3,000 for a 20
> footer from the west coast of the US to Europe.

It was about $5000 to ship a 40 foot container of scrap from the Pacific NW
(Tacoma was the cheapest IIRC) to Taiwan or Indonesia when we were doing that
in the mid 90s. We had to make sure there was more than 45,000 pounds in it,
that was the break even point for shipping.

> Speaking of which, if anyone in Germany or beyond has something big in the
> US that they want to ship and can get it to Oakland, California, soon then
> let me know because Hans is shipping a bunch of stuff back to Germany but
> doesn't have enough to fill a container yet.

What a great way to get something heavy to Europe.

Astoria, OR
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