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From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 18:40:01 2003

> From: "TeoZ" <>
> My first computer was a timex 2068 and learning to
> program on chicklet keyboards sucks.

But.. Those were pretty nice computers...

Timex did make an incredible goof with those...

Originally, it was intended to be an American Version
of the 48k ZX-Spectrum Computer.

But, as-is it wouldn't pass FCC regulations.

So, they redesigned the computer to do so, and decided
to "improve" it. Designing out most compatibility with
the Spectrum in the process.

With a set of Spectrum ROMS in a cartridge, and a
"Twister" card (to convert the expansion edge back to
the Spectrum version), one could use Spectrum Hardware
and software on it.

There were third party keyboards for it also, and when
Sinclair was bought out, the company that bought it (I
can't remember the name), made better versions of the
Spectrum with built in Microdrives or Cassette Player,
and a better keyboard.

I have a U.S. Prototype of the Spectrum, a Microdrive
interface and drive, and the Timex of Portugal 3inch
Disk Drive System (which also turned it into a CP/M

A nice computer for the time if you tricked it out a

The company I worked for in the 80's even made a
drawing program similar to MacPaint for it, called
TechDraw, A Spectrum Emulator Cartridge, Disk System,
Terminal Software (for the Timex Modem), and lots

Also, fun days...

I hope to spot one at a flea market to have one again.
I still have my ZX-81 though.

You can still get kits for the ZX-81, and some books
and software from

Al Hartman
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