QBUS SCSI controller for RT-11

From: Jonathan Engdahl <j.r.engdahl_at_adelphia.net>
Date: Wed Feb 26 19:39:00 2003

DON'T buy that KZQSA for your PDP-11. I made that mistake. I paid $45 for
one on eBay. When I got it, behold, it would not work. I then looked high
and looked low, but there are no drivers for this board for any PDP-11 OS. I
even looked through the VAX NETBSD source code to see if I might want to
port it, but I could not find it there either. It is my understanding that
this board is supported only under VMS. What you want is an MSCP compatible
board; the KZQSA is not.

Fortunately someone with a VAX bought it off me for the same price I paid
for it, so I was only out the shipping.

I tested a Viking QDT with RT-11 and a 1 gig HD. Of course, I could only use
the first 30 megs. This one is destined for a BSD machine anyhow.

I got the QDT for $45 on eBay. Someone put it up with a buy-it-now of $45.
Someone tipped me off, and I got there first. It pays to keep a sharp eye on
eBay. I just bought a KDJ11-SD off eBay for $5. This is a nice one: rev -09
CPU, 18 MHz, 1.5 megs RAM. Other recent eBay steals: RQDX3 for $10, DESQA
for $8.50.

While you are waiting for your dream SCSI board to show up, there are two
Maxtor XT1085 in that box lot that is on eBay right now. (The seller
mistyped it as KT1085). This drive is physically identical to the RD54
externally. I have been able to use an XT1140 in place of an RD54, I think
the XT1085 will work also. You have to hack ZRQCH0 or format it on an
MV2000. Two of them would give you the same amount of storage as one RD54.

Jonathan Engdahl
"The things which are seen are temporary,
 but the things which are not seen are eternal."  II Cor. 4:18
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Subject: QBUS SCSI controller for RT-11
> I noticed an auction on eBay for a KZQSA-SA SCSI controller and I was
> wondering (silly me) if it could be used with RT-11. I know that RT-11 is
> older than this board, but I was hoping someone had written a driver for
> If the KZQSA isn't compatible, I'm open to suggestions as to what SCSI
> board to get to use in an 11/53 (similar to the machine described on
> Engdahl's site), and if known, where I might get such, hopefully at a
> price - not $799 like on eBay!
> Thanks,
> Stuart Johnson
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