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From: Brian Mahoney <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 20:38:58 2003

Interesting take on history. Out of the original T3C, Colan and I still
interact while you have started spats with both of us. As for my using the
T3C site for my own purposes, I'm mystified as to why you recently forwarded
an offer of a donation to me. It wasn't a Hyperion, mind you, but, as you
say, I have enough of them anyway.

You're entitled to your own opinion, of course. Don't really see how listing
names of collectors all over the world is going to benefit me but maybe if I
squint my eyes and look through a glass of cheap wine, I might see what you

You can flame away, Larry. This is it for me on this topic. Cheers!
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> I sat on this a bit gritting my teeth but I can't let it pass.
> I was involved with this individual in setting up Toronto
> Computer Collectors Club and he agreed to take part by
> doing the site coding and putting the site in his name with
> some contributions from others including myself, who
> expended considerable effort in getting it going.
> He then used the site to gobble up any computer
> contributions in the name of TC3. He likely has the
> largest collections of Hyperion artifacts in NA due
> to the gullibility of well-meaning contributers of collections
> to TC3. One of whom mentioned it would take a couple
> of carloads for equipment and documentation.
> Following the diclosure of this, TC3, which I had played
> the main role of organising in order to have a center for
> local Toronto computer collectors to get together broke
> up.
> I would advise collectors to stay clear of this guy since
> based on my experience he would only use your
> enthusiasm for classic computers to his own advantage.
> Lawrence
> On 23 Feb 2003, , Brian Mahoney wrote:
> > Several years ago I set up a list of collectors on the TC3
> > site, which some of you may remember. Subsequent to that
> > site being shut down by its host, I moved the list to my
> > personal site at the following url:
> >
> >
> >
> > The collector's list is reached from a link on the main page
> > and resides at this url :
> >
> >
> > rs.htm
> >
> > The reason for this message is to request that anyone who is
> > on this list, contact me HERE :
> >
> >
> >
> > to update their information. I have recently sent out an
> > email to all person on the list, but find that almost
> > everyone has moved ... email address anyway. If anyone
> > reading this wishes to be put on the list, I would be glad
> > to add their name and information, just be sure to format it
> > the same way it is on the list.
> >
> > (None of this benefits me in any way, if anyone is
> > wondering. However, since I receive email almost every day
> > originating from my site, it is a constant source of
> > information and resources for me. When someone has a
> > computer for sale or donation, they frequently email me and
> > I refer them back to the site to see if there is a collector
> > near them. Most, of course, are from the states and many,
> > many of the requests are for good homes for donated
> > computers.)
> >
> > PLEASE don't contact me through the list, use
> > only. I will repost this a
> > couple more times, unless someone really finds it useless.
> lgwalker_at_
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