resurrecting a PDP-11/10

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 21:40:00 2003

--- Tony Duell <> wrote:
> What the heck is an ASR33 if not a serial terminal????

Umm... well... yes. But that's not what I was thinking of... I was
thinking more along the lines of LA-36s and DECwriter IVs and
everything in between - RS-232 (EIA) dot-matrix serial printing
terminals/serial printers (no keyboard).

I stand (multiply) corrected that the ASR-33 _is_ a serial terminal.

> COnsidering there's little, if any, difference between the 2 types of
> machine _in software_, there's no real reason why Q-bus machines would
> have multiple DL11-type ports and Unibus machines wouldn't. Other than
> possibly the fact that DEC made a 4-port DL11 for Q-bus (DLV11-J) but not
> for Unibus.

That's the reason. In my experience, more F-11-based Qbus machines
had DLV11Js than DLV11Es (J-11s tended to have things like the quad
DZ cards also found in MicroVAXen).

> 3rd parties made 4 and 8 port Unibus DL11s, though.

Haven't seen those. They sound interesting. I have seen (and have
myself) quantities of Emulex Unibus 16-port DZ (and DH?) cards.
Depending on the firmware and PALs, under VMS they show up as 16
TT devices (TTA0-TTA7/TTB0-TTB7) or 16 TX devices (TXA0-TXA7/etc.)
But as mentioned before, those aren't necessarily going to be happy
under RT-11.

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