DEC VT 320 with Terminal Disease - help?

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 21:57:01 2003


>90% of the time the vt320's fail, it is this transformer shorting out, which
>takes the horozontal transistor(?) with it. It heats up, cracking open, and
>spewing out it's magic ooze.

and Tony:

>Alas not. Go back to the main board of the VT320 and look at the flyback
>transformer (the one with the thick red EHT cable to the side of the
>CRT). Most likely it will be physcially cracked.

pinpointed the problem. My fever went down enough today (bad flu) to take
the thing apart farther. Just as predicted, the transformer in question has
an ugly-looking crack near the EHT cable, with Magic Spooge leaking out and
solidifying. Alas.

Eldest daughter and I took turns with the soldering iron and solder-sucker,
and got the busted transformer off. (The little spring-operated solder
suckers are actually pretty effective.) It says:

        88 26

Googling for a source for a replacement transformer is next on the task
list. Will also order a replacement for the transistor at the same time, in
case the transformer alone doesn't fix the problem.

My thanks and compliments to Kevin and Tony - I have no idea how you (and
the list collectively) maintain such an incredible knowledge base.
                                                        - Mark
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