Auction Finds Today

From: Keys <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 22:34:01 2003

Got a few new items at auction today:
1- hp 660LX no ac adapter and batteries are down so can not test it.

2-IBM PowerPC tower Risc6000 C10 not tested yet.

3-Sun Field Engineer Handbook Volume II pretty cool stuff in it. Covers
these architectures: Sun-3, Sun-3x, Sun-386i,
Sun-4, Sun-4c, Sun-4m.

4-hp 5314 A Universal Counter with manual.

5-hp 5381A 80mhz Frequency Counter with manual.

6-Fluke 1900 A Multi-Counter.

7-Datapulse model 201 Data Generator.

8-Sun UltraSCSI external with 9gig HD in it.

9-hp Apollo

And some mousepads, Analog cards (4), and other goodies I have checked out
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