TRS-80 Model 4 help requested

From: Doug Jackson <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 23:19:00 2003

>The earliest 1.2M drive that I saw (before the AT) was a
>Mitsubishi 4854?
>I was told that it had had been designed for the explicit purpose of
>replacing 8" drives. It did NOT also have a "360K" mode.

I still have some M4854 drives that are in use to this day! My *first*
computer that I saved up for was a Pulsar Electronics Little Big Board
system (Z80 - 64K, STD bus, 8" drive interface, CP/M 2.2) The neat thing
was that I had dual 5.25" M4854 drives that provided 2.4Mb online while all
of my friends had dual 360K drives.....

Anyway, I digress,

The M4854 was an 8" drive replacement. Motor speed was ?300? rpm, not the
usual 360rpm with the 5.25" drives. The hardist thing about it was that it
did not have a 50pin connector.

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