Let the witch trials begin!

From: Tillman, Edward <Edward.Tillman_at_valero.com>
Date: Thu Feb 27 01:13:00 2003

Since we're on points like this one, does anyone out there remember the the
first shots of the '86 Challenger disaster? One chase plane scene showed
for about 1/2 a day on CNN, as if it were normal and planned, then simply
disappeared. It *hadn't* anything to do with the SRBs... Did anyone see?
Does anyone remenber? Off list responses preferred...


San Antonio, Tx, USA

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> >It never made it to CNN or MSNBC.
> MSNBC's web site also altered a story the other day regarding Osama bin
> Ladin and Iraq. The first release made mention that bin Ladin was calling
> his people to kill Hussein. Then, when the US held a press briefing on
> the same topic, and tried to make it sound as if bin Ladin was in cahoots
> with Hussein, MSNBC suddenly altered their story, removing the reference.
> No explination to the change. Could have been an error, could have been
> an oversite, could have been a request by someone... could have been
> anything. Point is, the story took a change to reflect the US governments
> desired position on the topic, and they just pretened it had always been
> that way.
> Humm... does Winston Smith work for MSNBC?
> -chris
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