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From: Tillman, Edward <Edward.Tillman_at_valero.com>
Date: Thu Feb 27 01:24:00 2003

If we were to address human rights abuses, we're one of the tops when it
comes to abusing, and rationalizing and perpetuating (almost said
"defending") those abuses. Its core to our government, core to our economy,
and core to our infrastructure. We Americans are reared to be the most
amazingly arrogant, sanctimonious, and prudish creatures on the planet, even
after repeated bloody noses on the global stage have shown us that isn't the
way to go. Sure, we have superb resources, technology and production.
However, at the core, we're still human -- no one of us innately better than
a Kurdish shepherd. We still want to think we are though, but where does
that kind of attitude get us?


San Antonio, Tx, USA

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> > > mainland China, North Korea, some of Europe, and *ourselves*?

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