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From: Tillman, Edward <Edward.Tillman_at_valero.com>
Date: Thu Feb 27 01:41:00 2003

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> > > This country was founded by Christians. They may have had some odd
> > > customs, and they may have made some things "law" that were really
> > > tradition, but thats no reason to reject everything "religious", such
> as
> > > the principles that this nation was founded on.
> America was *NOT* founded by Christians. I'm very tired of hearing that
> drumbeat. The founding fathers, if anything, were DEISTs, and/or
> ceremonialisyts, and well knew the inherent dangers of including or even
> nodding to support any one religion over another in this country and its
> government - something our modern-day right-wing Christian brothers and
> sisters either don't know or won't learn.
> A state religion here would indeed be as dangerous to US national growth
> and development as is has proven all over the middle east. Remember: prior
> to 1979, Iran didn't have either a "state religion," or a theocracy. Now
> it does. Was there an improvement?
> Cheers...
> Ed
> San Antonio, Tx, USA

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