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From: Tillman, Edward <Edward.Tillman_at_valero.com>
Date: Thu Feb 27 01:56:00 2003

What the government can and will do is contained in two phrases: "Manifest
Destiny," and "Eminent Domain."

The first, Manifest Destiny, was the political doctrine which told everyone
it was God's Will that we (Americans) posess, occupy and exploit all the
lands between the two native shores of the North American continent.
(Canada: ya lucked-out!).

The second, Eminent Domain, says that, if you have it, and the government
wants it (usually land, but has been applied to inventions as well), they
*can* offer you a 'fair price' (usually a paltry pitance), but they can
otherwise take what they want from you "in the name of the greater good" --
or, how I lost my farm to an unused interstate freeway (San Jose, Ca).

> If the local police can do it, I would guess the federal government
> must have some provision that allows them to do what they must,
> when they must, also.

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