TRS-80 Model 4 help requested

From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 09:07:01 2003

> From: "Fred Cisin (XenoSoft)" <>
> Yep
> The earliest 1.2M drive that I saw (before the AT)
> was a Mitsubishi 4854? I was told that it had had
> been designed for the explicit purpose of replacing
> 8" drives. It did NOT also have a "360K"
> mode.
> I also heard a rumor (probably not true) that "When
> Microsoft was writing the DOS and AT BIOS support
> for 1.2M drives, they thought that IBM had
> decided to release a model with 8" drives".

Cool info! Thanks!

> Hmmm. mixing single density sectors and double
> density sectors on the same track?

No, but one could replace the boot sector with the
correct density boot sector when copying the disk to
make it boot on one system or another. It may have
been Vernon Hestor's other OS. V-DOS I think it was

It was a cut-down Multidos he wanted to market to game

> This'll make your day,...
> I had an LNW. (also a Lobo expansion interface, a
> PMC81, etc.)

I never saw a Lobo Max-80, though I had a few friends
who bought the Mapper board from them to run CP/M on
their Model I's.

> Most of that stuff, I sold cheap at VCF (which is
> run by your buddy Sellam).

He made a comment to me a month or so ago that
indicated he at least KNEW what an LNW-80 was...

Oh well..

An ex-employer (and former LNW Dealer) had several
that he trashed. I found out when I called him to ask
if he would sell or trade any away...


Thanks for the cool info!

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